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Macco has established a strategic software outsourcing partnership with ELM Computer Technologies Company in Hong Kong, Dapasoft Company in Canada and JR & B Associates in the United States. They tender projects by using their market position and influence in local area and North America, and Macco undertakes the research and development. So far, a number of projects referring to different fields have been completed; a benefit-sharing and risk-sharing partnership is gradually formed.Macco has a professional technical team. All the project leaders and technical backbones have rich experience in software development. Currently the dynamic team has more than 40 people with average age of 28 years old. More than 70% of them have Bachelor degree. The company is continuing to attract more talented people to grow with it together.

Those cilents we have served and are serving include: USA Toyota, Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Limited, Swire Beverage, Allianz Insurance Group Guangzhou China, Singapore National Environment Agency, Housing Authority of HKSAR, Department of Health of HKSAR, etc.

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