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Foreign Trade Order Management System covers the core business process of foreign trade companies, including Quotation Management, Order Management, Procurement Management and Contract Summary, as well as queries for customer quotes, customer transaction amount, factory transaction amount and factory delivery date, statistical analysis and report printing functions.

Program Features:

•  The system can well regulate the quotation process. It provides a searching function for quotation history and a warning function for the quotation’s deadline.
• The system can ensure the order being fully tracked and the loss caused by human factors being effectively controlled. It also provides an alert/ warning function for delivery deadline.
•  The system can regulate the contract management signed with factory and foreign client, protecting mutual interests and binding each other. It also provides an alert/ warning function for factory’s delivery deadline.
•  The system can quickly calculate which goods and how many needs to be purchased, which can reduce the backlog of inventory and prevent stock-out.
•  Optimize management process and reduce operating costs. Employees are working under the unified rule of software. Departments share data through the system platform, which can greatly reduce communication cost and improve communication efficiency compared with traditional telephone and fax communication.