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Macco Business Management System is a database application covering functions of Procurement, Sales, Inventory, Outsourcing of Production, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Cost Accounting. It provides enterprises with a complete logistics solution.Users can easily understand the company's business situation through a variety of statistic reports. Its automatical processing can help enterprises simplify workflow and improve productivity.

Program Features:

• Improved inventory management can help users to reserve goods for client and analyze procurement proposals and reason for slow-moving goods.
• Each individual function module can be connected with each other or used alone to meet the needs of various business processes and ensure actual business activities run smoothly.
•  A variety of reports can show the company's business situation clearly.
•  Simple commodity classification; User can search them by keywords, codes or names etc.
•  Friendly user interface, easy operation even for users do not know computer.
• Support for multi-company, multi-user and multiple sets of accounts.
• Just press one button to complete the accounting action on transaction documents.